when you get hit by a blue shell right before the finish line



What are the name of posts like these!!!!!!


I think some people feel they can deal with the hurt of the relationship better than they can deal with the hurt caused by the breakup so they choose to stay and tolerate the bullshit.

This lady really came into Walmart upset because someone told her everything in the entire town was free….

In what world


I am against the popular notion that breasts are genitals.

  They are made of the exact same organs and tissue that are found in males. Infact, men are capable of developing fully functional breasts. This can be done without hormone therapy. Breasts aren’t triggered by the female chromosome, they are triggered by hormones that are present in both men and women.
  People have argued that because some women can orgasm through prolonged interaction with their nipples, so that somehow means girl’s nipples are sex organs, aka Genitals! That suggests that breastfeeding is a form of child rape. Women can orgasm during childbirth, is birth rape? What the F*** kind of arguments are these?
  There is no reason to discriminate against women exposing the exact same body parts that men do, especially since women have an actual reason to expose their breasts in public. Breasts feed babies, that is their purpose. Not letting people feed their babies in public is ridiculous and stupid.
  Countries where women are more liberated with what they are allowed to do with their own bodies have fewer percentages of rape victims.

Showing your breasts does not equate to nudity.

Marry someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
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My boyfriend.


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